Lively, Single-Family House with roof top terrace

Lively, Single-Family House with roof top terrace

Written by Boa Song / Homify Korea (translated to English)


A private house with a private garage, a lush courtyard, a spacious and spacious living room and a room for a child will be an ideal home for everyone who wants privacy and a warm and comfortable family life. Today in homify, is a family residence in the clear and clean natural environment of the Philippines, a good example of a modern villa with a modern exterior and a vibrant interior. Let’s explore the lively single-family homes with a combination of various colors equipped with a high floor, open living room and roof top terrace for sunbathing.


Modern appearance combined with plants


Although the single-family houses built in modern style often show minimalism and simplicity, this house has been completed as a building that shows a rich beauty of beauty with a combination of various materials and colors. Based on the combination of a white colored structure and a brick-finished structure, the black structural steel frame with a cool and modern feel and the colorful red color make a colorful structure and feel the vibrancy. In addition, utilizing the characteristics of the land close to the blue sky and green natural scenery, everything from the courtyard of the entrance to the roof top terrace is carefully filled with plants.



A living room full of bold colors


The living room, which is the main living space of the family, boasts a cool openness with a high floor. The sheer fabric curtains are installed in the openings designed with a large area to make the living room bright and warm by bringing in warm natural light. In the center of the bright and clean living room, a variety of materials such as velvet, frilly fabric, metal, and a combination of bold colors such as red, yellow, green, The white colored table which can hold a book at the bottom arranged in the center is conspicuous.




The stairs are constructed of dark wood and balanced against the floor and a white wall so that it is not too light or heavy. The railing is made of transparent glass material to give it a sense of openness. In the dead space under the stairs, the plants that help clean the room air are left, and the walls are decorated with geometric patterns to create a unique space.

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