How to maximize your storage space

There is always a better way of  maximizing the space we have in our rooms without compromising its look and feel.

Since not all of us have the luxury of having large walk-in closets, here are a few tips to make the most of the space we have:

  • Get rid of the Clutter – Stash away the things you don’t need.  But if you really can’t avoid it and if you must clutter, at least clutter neatly.
  • Evaluate your existing Furniture – Large Clothes Dressers/Cabinets can eat up a lot of floor space. Removing them will not only make your room spacious, it would also let the natural light flow better. 
  • Opt for Customized multi-functional Furniture – this is one of the best solutions for maximizing space in small areas. Usually, the more space you have to keep your things, the better. However, when you are talking with a furniture-maker on your built-in project, remember to find someone who can adapt to the style of your room. Consult a professional designer when you can.
  • Utilize the space that is not used – the space under your bed. Try looking for under-the-bed storage carts or little pull out drawers (or even plastic drawers for toys) and store them neatly underneath your bed. Believe us, they work wonders. 
  • Use your walls – Open and recessed shelving / hanging bookshelves are another way to get storage units from your floor and on to your walls. They can be used to store photos, books and other small decorative art or ornaments.


There are many more things you can do to save precious space but starting with the tips above will keep you on the right track.

Happy Organizing!

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