This small, cozy home will surely delight your senses

This small, cozy home will surely delight your senses

Written by Lei Segovia / Homify PH


Wouldn’t it be a pleasant dream to just relax in your comfy home after a long, tiring day at work? Residences with small spaces don’t have to be cluttered, crowded, and all over the place – in fact, you can take advantage of the intimate space and turn it to your own silent sanctuary from the loud, busy areas outdoors.

Nestled right in the heart of the Ortigas Commercial and Business District in Mandaluyong, take a sneak peak on this ravishing private living space that will surely make you wonder how this home manages to feel and look pleasant in the midst of the busy center of the metro.


Modern-rustic kitchen space


There’s something so stylishly modern yet charmingly rustic about this kitchen – the flat white walls compliment best with dark wooden components. The ambience to the room shows a very sleek style and at the same time, the authenticity of the wood features takes you to a whole classic era. Get the best of both worlds out of your kitchen!


Clutter-free area



As mentioned, small spaces don’t have to feel crowded and cluttered all over the place. Keep your kitchen utensils organized and in place by incorporating smart storage tips. Ditch the storage bins and think out of the box by hanging metal magnets for your sharp cutlery, and a long rod by the kitchen counter to dangle necessary tools ready whenever you need them. Take a hint from this picture – keep the kitchen feel of the area by hanging pots and pans on a built-in hanging board rather than keeping them hidden. Now everything’s so easy and convenient when you need them while still looking clean and organized.


Lighting is key


You don’t want to cut yourself in a badly-lit kitchen, so keep in mind that one main component for having a perfect kitchen is great lighting. Supply your kitchen area with sufficient lighting from bright lighting fixtures that lighten up the room.

Light bulbs built-in on the upper cabinetry provide great task lighting to the countertops where they highlight all important areas of the kitchen; and as much as task lighting fixtures are essential, natural light is still the very best option to opt for. This kitchen window provides bright, fresh sunlight that can even put you in the best mood while cooking.


The smart trick for a wider feel of the room

Sonata Private Residences: modern Dining room by TG Designing Corner


Living in small spaces? Not to worry – as simple, smart tricks can instantly make your living space wider and bigger! The illusion of a wide mirror, as shown in the picture, immediately broadens the whole area. Plus, these beautiful pendant lighting fixtures also brighten up the dining area, making it feel light, airy, and spacious.


Open spaces that work


Get rid of sliding doors or dividers that clump up the small space in your house – instead, create a seamless flow with your rooms by leaving it with open, carefree spaces. Add specific simple touches to your areas to distinguish your rooms. For example, add a rug or carpet on the living room and leave the dining area the way it is with its beautiful tile floors.


Dual-purpose living areas



Small spaces involve a lot of smart brainstorming tricks to make the most of the areas, and one creative technique is to combine two house areas into one. In this design, the living room can be integrated with this potential work or office area. Add side benches to create the perfect living room where friends and family can gather around, and a desk and a vibrant working chair to spend work time with yourself.


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